Welcome to the home of Airlinkbb

Welcome to the home of Airlinkbroadband. We are dedicated to providing you with the fastest and most cost affordable high speed wireless internet service in central Minnesota. AirlinkBroadBand (or Airlinkbb.com) was formed to address the issue with high-speed Internet in rural central MN. Until now high-speed internet in rural MN has either been not available, extremely expensive or in most cases both! We understand that not all our customers are the same, we can offer custom download speeds up to 10MB in in most of our coverage area. We are always pushing to go the extra mile for our clients.

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Why clients choose us

  • Locally owned by knowledgeable experienced staff, empowered to go the extra mile
  • We have built our network with performance and scalability in mind! Our goal is to break the current speed restraints while keeping prices low.
  • No phone line required for Airlinkbb service, We understand that times have changes and people are going away from home phone service.
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